Leadership Team
Salvador Chavarin, Chief Executive Officer

Growing-up in a Village in Mexico, seeing a doctor was only for
the rich. Home remedies were the common treatment for health
problems. Watsonville, Salinas, and East San Jose became my
hometowns. Very similar to my village experience, quality health
care in America was only available to those who could afford to
pay the high cost of care. I have eighteen years of experience in
providing health care services to low-income families, new
immigrants, and the medically uninsured. I am an Alumnus of
California State University Monterey Bay and the Clinic
Leadership Institute.
Jonny O'Brien, Chief Operating Officer

Growing up in South Central Los Angeles gave me life lessons and an
endearing compassion for families without essential resources. As a team
member of the Foothill Community Health Center, our work in East San Jose
is making a difference in the lives of low-income families, our neighbors
without health insurance, and children without positive mentors. Our Outreach
team is embedded into the daily lives of our community through health
education workshops, health screenings, public health insurance enrollment
assistance, and collaborating with our community partners to enhance
healthcare access for the underserved population. I am an Alumni of the
University of California, Riverside (BA in Political Science). I enjoy spending
quality time with my wife and five-year old daughter (Nemaia), family, and
Michael Victor,  Chief Financial Officer

Aloha! I was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii. Healthcare
services on the Islands are similar to stateside. But if we needed
healthcare services during off business hours, we had to go to the
emergency room, which was a costly expense, especially for my parents
who were struggling Middle Americans. I am excited to know that Foothill
provides behavioral health services to children starting at age six. I believe
a child’s physical and mental wellness lays a foundation for a healthy and
successful lifestyle. I have over fifteen years of finance and accounting
experience in nonprofit organizations and the healthcare sector. I received
my Bachelors of Science Degree in Accounting & Information Systems
from San Jose State University, and a MBA in Finance from Golden Gate
University in San Francisco. I am honored to be part of Foothill Community
Health Center’s Mission to provide high-quality and affordable healthcare
to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay.
Karie Marlin, Behavioral Health Director

Youth today have questions about dating, sex, pregnancy, grades, being gay,
domestic violence, family trauma, bullying, and about their lives.  In East San
Jose, the target area of Foothill Community Health Center, there are inequities
in the behavioral health services available to low-income families. Every child
and adult deserves respect through high-quality behavioral health services, not
limiting service only to those who can afford to pay. Every child deserves to
feel love and given takeaways that will put them on a positive path in life. I am
honored to lead a team of clinicians who are on the campus of elementary,
middle, and high schools every day; practicing their compassion and providing
mental health wellness with at-risk youth. I am an Alumna of U.C. Santa Cruz
(BA in Psychology; Minor in Sociology) and John F. Kennedy University (MA in
Marriage & Family Therapy). The delight of my day is being with my one-year
old daughter Hanna. She laughs, speaks, crawls, and makes me smile.
Jiguett Sanchez, Human Resources Director

Originally from Peru, Jiguett is currently pursuing an MBA with a
concentration in Human Resources from the University of Saint Mary.   She
graduated with honors from San Francisco State University with a
Bachelor's Degree in Economics and an Associate  of Arts Degree in
Liberal Arts.  Jiguett came to Foothill Community Health center bringing an
extensive experience in the Human Resources field,  implementing safety
programs, employee trainings and working as a strategic partner on talent
acquisition measures and employee retention.  She has partnered and
developed  connections with multiple colleges and universities so she can
maximize her  recrutiting efforts.   Jiguett is currently licensed by the
California Department of Insurance under Broker Property Casualty and is
an active member of the Hispanic Chamber of commerce.   She
appreciates the smallest things in life and is very content helping others in
her role as Human Resources  Director.  One of her mantras is having
individualized  attention to each employees and prompt answers as an 
added value to the department.  Jiguett looks forward  to creating a life
work balance and maintaining a customer service oriented culture.
Excellence in work, commitment to our patients and positive community
impact is what we strive for.
Dr. Victor Salazar, Medical Director

Dr. Salazar graduated from the University of San Carlos of Guatemala. During
his medical training, he earned a scholarship for a clinical rotation in Madrid,
Spain. After graduation, he moved to the U.S., and he was accepted as a UCLA
scholar of the UCLA International Medical Graduate Program. While in
Bakersfield, Dr. Salazar trained at Kern Medical Center in the Department of
Family Medicine.  During his residency, he was able to provide quality of care to
underserved and underinsured populations of Kern County. Dr. Salazar is an
advocate for educating patients and positively impacting the medically
underserved communities. He is interested in being a role model to those who
live in California's underserved and in making a significant contribution to the
health and welfare of these communities. When he is not engaged in his
professional activities, he spends time playing and watching soccer, dancing
salsa, and sharing valued time with his family
On a Mission to Help Others
The people who guide Foothill Community Center on its community based mission to protect lives are diverse in background, yet unified in purpose to ensure that all Foothill patients receive a consistently high level of service and help.  All board members of Foothill Community Center are volunteers.   Whether from the emergency medical field, the business world, or the non profit arena, each embodies a total commitment to excellence, which is reflected in their actions on behalf of Foothill Community Center.
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