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Sent:                               Tuesday, July 18, 2017 4:51 PM

To:                                   Nerissa Heldridge

Subject:                          Round of Applause for Behavioral Health!


SOAR Works!


Foothill Community Health Center would like to take a moment to acknowledge the great work of our Behavioral Health department. Their efforts were acknowledged by Ms. Minerva Chamorro, SOAR Academic Teacher at Yerba Buena High School. Read below to see what Ms. Chamorro had to say about the difference that Behavioral Health has made for these students and their families. Way to go Behavioral Health!




Before I retire from Yerba Buena High School, I want thank the Foothill Clinic Community for being part of an amazing program that we have here at Yerba Buena High School. The program SOAR stands for Students Overcoming and Re-directing their lives. Students that are referred to SOAR are mostly students that are having a difficult time dealing with a variety of serious personal problems; such as anxiety, depression and few other problems that are preventing our students from being successful in the classroom.


Part of the SOAR curriculum is to motivate and help the students make up the credits that they need in order for them to graduate. The other important aspect of SOAR is the mental health therapy that is included in SOAR. The Foothill Clinic has given us tremendous help by providing the expertise they know best, which is allowing a therapist to help our very needed student in this program.

I am certain that the SOAR program at Yerba Buena High School would not be as successful as it is now without the help of amazing, caring therapists that I have had the pleasure of working with.


I certainly feel fortunate to have worked with amazing therapists. These professional therapists have dedicated more time than expected to help our students. With their help, the students in SOAR have been able to learn how to deal with the stress they face day by day. Also, many of our students have been able to graduate from Yerba Buena High School. Another important element that the therapist includes as part of their daily routine is to reach out to our students’ parents. These families often need assistance or guidance on how to improve their complicated family situations. Helping parents requires a lot of work but at the end of the day, we can say that not only are we helping students but also the entire family.


Again, I appreciate and respect all the resources that the Foothill Clinic has provided our school in order to help the most needed students. The records will show that Foothill Clinic’s contributions are making a significant impact in the lives of SOAR students who are now experiencing success. 



Foothill Community Health Center is proud of our Behavioral Health team!



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