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I have been a San Jose resident for most of my life nd a member of the Board of Directors of FCHC since 2012.  I was educated at University of California, Berkeley, and spent most of my career working in a family-owned business. My current interests are volunteering, hiking, travelling, taking photographs, trying new cuisines, exploring new places, embarking on road trips, and spending time with family and friends.  I am fully dedicated to the mission of Foothill  Community Clinic Health Center, which is providing high quality comprehensive affordable healthcare to our community.  This rewarding experience has allowed me to become more sensitive to the concerns of the patient population.   And as a woman of Vietnamese-descent, I am committed to promoting and encouraging diversity among the patients and community.  Moreover, I am a current patient of the clinic and entirely understand that FCHC is a vital resource for thousands of uninsured and low-income women, men and children who cannot afford insurance or private health insurance.
Katherine Dao, Board Chair
I am a resident of Santa Clara County for the last 45 years and a clinic user and have been on the board since 2010. I have enjoyed participating in the clinic and the  tremendous growth that we are having.  I am impressed with the  dedication the clinic staff has to community healthcare and the amount of people the clinic serves.  I look forward to a continued expansion of the amount of people we serve so that one in our area goes without quality care.
Chris Zimmer
Taha Khan
I am a resident of Gilroy where I am also a clinic user. After becoming a member of the board of directors in 2017, I am convinced that everyone at Foothill Community Health Center (FCHC) is committed to providing the best care possible. The willingness of FCHC to identify and work towards providing those services that are further needed by their patients is a key indicator of why being a board member is a good fit for me. It is a personal goal of mine to help identify and eradicate health disparities that exist in our communities.
In progress........
Sy-Dang Tran, Treasurer
I have lived in San Jose since my teen years. I attended Overfelt H.S. and Evergreen Valley College. In my career I have made use of my first language, Spanish, doing interpreting and translations for those who are learning English. In addition, I have taught Sign Language to students that are hard of hearing for the past 13 years. My Husband and I have two wonderful daughters. I enjoy hiking. I like to cook traditional Mexican food, and always willing to try food from different countries. I learn something new almost every day that makes me a better person in a diverse and changing world.
Estela Camacho, Vice Chair
I have been an active Foothill Community Health Center Board member since early 2010 joining prior to our successful expansion of health services. I introduced and am actively involved with the Foothill IT Committee; advocating for the use of IT risk standards, leveraging next generation electronic tools, supporting business goals, quality standards, increasing clinic efficiencies, security and increased access to care. I have over 18 years of business leadership, process, project management, consulting and technical experience gained while working for large enterprise and small corporations. I have a B.S. degree in Business with a focus on management information systems. I have lived in Santa Clara County with my family since the early 1980's and enjoy the great outdoors, art, gardening, process improvement and problem solving. I understand the complexities of healthcare delivery and the personal, economic and financial importance provided by affordable, easy access to high quality healthcare at the time it is needed.
Karen Deloumi
I came to Foothill through a referral from my doctor’s office. At the time, they had a wait of 6 months for new dental patients. At Foothill, I was able to see a dentist in less than a month! After experiencing first hand the positive effect Foothill has on peoples lives, I was interested in being more involved with Foothill and had the honor of joining the board. As a board member my priority is to ensure that Foothill lives up to its mission and is able to continue its work for decades to come. Outside of Foothill I spend my time working on my startup, cooking, and reading about international affairs. I graduated from Cal (Go Bears!) and am a Chartered Financial Analyst.
Yi  Ding
Carlos has lived in Snata Clara County his entire life, attending middle school and high school in San Jose. He holds Bachelors and Master's degrees in engineering, as well as a Law degree.  After leaving big-law, Carlos joined the board of FCHC in 2015 and has spent his time helping the clinic grow while remaining sustainable. Carlos' goals for the clinic include expanding care such that any and all residents of Santa clara County can receive quality health care regardless of their income.
Carlos Rosario, Secretary
Dr. Juan Palacios was born in San Benito, Texas.  He was raised in Mexico City the first 10 years of his life. Thereafter, his family moved to California, where he has resided since then. He has been practicing General Dentistry for the last 30 years, in San Jose, California. Graduated in 1984 from UCSF Dental School with a Masters in Dental Science and a DDS. Prior to that, he had been a Nuclear Medicine Technician. During his undergraduate studies, he worked part time as an interpreter at Florence Firestone Community Clinic in Los Angeles. This is where he learned the value of the Community Clinic to our general public.
Juan Palacios
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The people who guide Foothill Community Center on its community based mission to protect lives are diverse in background, yet unified in purpose to ensure that all Foothill patients receive a consistently high level of service and help.  All board members of Foothill Community Center are volunteers.   Whether from the emergency medical field, the business world, or the non profit arena, each embodies a total commitment to excellence, which is reflected in their actions on behalf of Foothill Community Center.
         The reputation for excellence at Foothill Health Center is built on the hard work and responsible conduct of the  thousands who worked with and for us over many years.    Each service that we perform for a patient, each contact we make with vendor or third party and each interaction we have with a colleague is an opportunity to strengthen the excellence of our actions and goals.

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