Board of Directors
Estela Camacho, Vice Chair:  Estella lived in San Jose since her teen years. She attended Overfelt High School and Evergreen Valley College. She has extensive knowledge in sharing the Spanish language to her contemporaries.

Katherine Dao, Board Chair:  Katherine Dao has resided in San Jose  for most of her life.  She joined Foothill Community Health Center (FCHC) as Board Chair since 2012, whose mission is improve the health and wellbeing of residents of Santa Clara County.

Carlos Rosario, Secretary: Carlos lived in Santa Clara County his entire life, attending middle school and high school in San Jose. His educational spectrum encompasses a Bachelors and Master's degrees in engineering, as well as a Law degree.

Sy-Dang Trans,  Treasurer: To be provided later.....

Taha Khan:  Taha Khan is a resident of Gilroy.   He joined the board of Foothill Community Health Center in 2017.   Deeply involved in Santa Clara County, he has volunteered his time to local organizations with the goal of promoting community wellness programs. 

Chris Zimmer: Chris have been a resident of Santa Clara County for the last 45 years.  He is a Foothill clinic user and have served on the board since 2010. It has been rewarding for Chris to participate in the clinic's development and to witness the tremendous growth that Foothill have experienced .

The  Foothill Community Health Center Board's is composed of active, registered patients of the health center who are representative of the populations served by the center. The governing board of FCHC ensures that the health center is community-based and responsive to the community's healthcare needs.  The Foothill Community Health Center Board of Directors meets monthly  every first Thursday of the month at 6:30pm in the Administration Conference Room,  2670 South White Road Suite # 200, San Jose, CA 95148.
         The reputation for excellence at Foothill Community Health Center is built on the hard work and responsible conduct of the  thousands who worked with and for us over many years.    Each service that we perform for a patient, each contact we make with vendor or third party and each interaction we have with a colleague is an opportunity to strengthen the excellence of our actions and goals.

Norma Advincula: In August 2017, she joined the SJFFCC Board of Directors to help achieve the mission of Foothill Community Health Center which is to provide our community with high quality, comprehensive and affordable healthcare services.
Juan Palacios: He has been practicing General Dentistry for the last 30 years, in San Jose, California. Graduated in 1984 from UCSF Dental School with a Masters in Dental Science and a DDS.

Yi Ding: Finding solutions to healthcare needs has provided Yi with an in-depth understanding of the current needs and problems of Santa Clara County. 

Karen Deloumi:    Karen  have been an active Foothill Community Health Center Board member since early 2010. Karen is committed to improving healthcare delivery and ensuring the residents of Santa Clara County have access to an affordable healthcare system. 

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