Message from the CEO
Welcome to  San Jose Foothill Healthcare Center - your
neighborhood community clinic - to provide you the highest quality
health care and services.  This past year, I've invested a great
deal of time taking notes on the suggestions for enhancements in
our services from our patients,   staff and friends of the clinic. 
Their contribution is very important to our success.  We want to
hear from you so we can ensure we are meeting your health needs
and expectations.
This is a remarkable time for Foothill Health Center.  After more
than  20 years of serving the Community, the organization is
growing and ready to make significant changes that will broaden
our access to more than 40,000  patients we are serving today
and the thousands who will benefit from our services in the near
We have expanded service locations to the city of  Gilroy and
hopefully opening two more clinics in East San Jose.  I am happy
to mention that the Yerba Buena school based health center will
resume serving the school district.  We are soon opening in
August 2017  a dental clinic at Aborn Road in San Jose.   We also
have improved our clinics to better serve our patients’ needs.  We
want to provide quality healthcare to you and your family and we
are striving to do the best we can to make your experience a
pleasurable one.
Foothill Health Center takes great pride in its leadership role as a
community clinic and feels very fortunate to have dedicated
Clinicians, Administrators, and a committed and visionary Board
of Directors all working together for our patients.
Collectively, we will set Foothill Health Center on a path of
continued growth and expansion by reinforcing our mission to
provide high-quality primary care and social services support to
the residents of East San Jose and beyond.

Salvador Chavarin

Chief Executive Officer
On a Mission to Help Others
The people who guide Foothill Community Center on its community based mission to protect lives are diverse in background, yet unified in purpose to ensure that all Foothill patients receive a consistently high level of service and help.  All board members of Foothill Community Center are volunteers.   Whether from the emergency medical field, the business world, or the non profit arena, each embodies a total commitment to excellence, which is reflected in their actions on behalf of Foothill Community Center.
FCHC Strategic Plan 2017 - 2018
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