Frequently Asked Questions
I do not have my medical history with me. Is that okay?
Do I have to make an appointment?
You do not need to make an appointment.
If you have an urgent problem, we will be happy to see you without an appointment.
However, appointments are encouraged and will shorten your waiting time.
Call 408-729-9700 to get started.
How is Foothill Community Health Center different from other clinics?
We see all patients, regardless of their ability to pay.
This is possible because of money that we get from the federal government.
We also have evening office hours Monday through Friday until 10PM, and we are open on Saturdays and Sundays.
Yes. We can get your records from your doctor or dentist.
However, it would be helpful if you could bring your records.
I don’t have money and I don’t have health insurance. Can I still receive treatment?
Yes   We will see you regardless of whether or not you can pay for your care today.
I need to see a specialist. Do you have specialists at your clinic?
We have an obstetrics-gynecologist; pediatrician; optometrist; and a podiatrist at our clinics.
We can make referrals to other specialists if needed.
I want a doctor who can speak Spanish (or Vietnamese).
We have doctors who speak Spanish and Vietnamese.
Please refer to our Doctors page for more information.
I’m sick but I have to go to school. Will I be excused?
That will be up to your doctor.
Will my medical information be kept confidential, even from my parents?
Yes. All records are absolutely confidential.
Minors seeking treatment for health problems must provide parental consent unless they are pregnant.
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