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Employees of the Quarter

Here at FCHC our employees go above and beyond to make sure our mission statement is delivered daily. Our employees’ hard work is recognized through our Employees of the Quarter program. Click on Read More to read about our employees’ superb performances.

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Success Stories

FCHC is composed of individuals who aim to reach for the stars. While working at our organization, our staff juggle their studies, parenthood, and extracurricular activities to further their education. Click on Read More to read about the individuals that inspire and make FCHC proud.

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HR likes to convey a sense of unity and fun. We try to hold quarterly activities so our staff gets a chance to relax, socialize, and feel appreciated. Click on Read More to see the events that HR has held.


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"I began my adventure with Foothill Community Health Center as an intern.  After several months of being an intern, I was hired after graduating from San Jose State University.  With minimal work experience,  Foothill Health Center entrusted me, and I have alwys been grateful.   FCHC has granted me the opportunity to continually grow, learn, and challenge myself."

~ Christina Hoang, Executive Administrative Asst.
“Everyone at Foothill Community Health Center is smart, energetic, and fun to work with. FCHC has given me the opportunity to grow from a Pediatrician to the Pediatric Director. What I appreciate the most is the opportunity to work in a multicultural environment, the flexibility given to balance work and personal life, and knowing that every voice is heard.  I look forward to continuing growing in my career with this exceptional company.”

Dr.Sheshashree Seshadri, Pediatrics Director
"It has been a pleasure working in our Behavioral Health Department and being surrounded by amazing colleagues who bring in a wealth of experiences, knowledge, and compassion. I'm proud to be a part of a team of clinicians who are dedicated to the clients and communities we serve. I know that if I ever have a difficult client or stressful day, I can rely on my team to be there for me unconditionally. Love being part of the Behavioral Health family.

~ Sonia Sastry, LMFT, Lead Clinician II
"Working at FCHC has been a life-changing opportunity, both professionally and personally. After dental school I worked in private practice, but didn't experience professional fulfillment. Engaging with patients from all walks of life has expanded my own view points and treating patients with complex dental issues has broadened my dental skills beyond anything I could have imagined. I am happy to grow with the company and am excited for what the future holds.
~ Vinni K. Singh, DDS, Associate Dental Director
Helping others is a value in my professional and personal life. Growing up in the East Side of San Jose I didn’t always have access to valuable health care services, this life lesson drove me to make a difference in the community I grew up in, As a team member of the Foothill Community Health Center I’m driven and dedicated to serve our Santa Clara County Communities and make a difference in the lives of families who are in need of such valuable services.
- Eder Torralba, CHS Manager
"Working at FCHC has been an amazing experience. We serve communities that would otherwise go without Behavioral Health Services. We are able to go the extra mile to help individuals reach personal goals and overcome behavioral issues that are obstacles for some. It’s personally rewarding for me to know that we are giving back and making a powerful impact on the community.

~Jerryl Ewing, Behavioral Health Operations Manager


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