Dr. Shilpa S. Mehta
Dental Director ( D.D.S)

University: UC San Francisco
Interests: Family, travelling and reading
Dr. Bela R. Patel
Dentist (D.D.S.)

University: University of California
Years of Experience: 3 years
Interests: Hiking and travelling
Dr. Nicole  Trang Pham
Dentist (D.D.S.)

University: University of the Pacific School of Dentistry
Interests: Photography and hiking
Dr. Iris Yang
Dentist (D.D.S.)

University: NYU College of Dentistry
Interests: Art and outdoors
Dr. Leandra Tolosa
Dentist (D.M.D.)

University: Centro Escolar University, Manila Philippines
Interests: Reading and travelling
Dr. Anthony Q. Phan
Dentist (D.M.D)

University: Boston University
Interests: Cooking, Travelling and family
Dr. Bryant Lee
Dentist (D.D.S)

University: UCSF, San Francisco
Interests: Fishing, biking and sports
Dr. Roberta Van Chek
Dentist (D.M.D)

University: Midwestern University
nterests: Hiking, reading, and spending time with family and friends
Dr. Charmee  Patel
Dentist (D.M.D)

University: Howard University
Interests:  Travelling, cooking, shopping, and going to fitness classes
Dr. Nhung  Nhoc Tran
Dentist (D.D.S)

Case Western Reserve Dental School
Interests:  Spending time with family, hiking and gardening.
Dr. Tiffany Yau
Dentist (D.D.S)

University: University of Pacific Dental
Interests:  Hiking and travelling.
Dr. Son Nguyen
Dentist (D.D.S)

University: Boston University
Interests: Reading
Dr. Seung-Hwan An
Dentist (D.D.S)

University: XXXXX
Interests:   xxxxx
Dr. Vicky Jessy Tang
Dentist (D.M.D.)

University:   xxxxxx
Interests:  xxxxxx

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