Community Outreach
Our purpose is to promote healthcare services provided by Foothill Community Health Center that are accessible to children, families, and communities. These efforts include student health screenings, community and school health outreach, public health insurance enrollment, participate and organize community health fair events.
Our HSA team members actively outreach and educate the community in order to access our healthcare services at Foothill Community Health Center. Each HSA are fully trained and certified to enroll families into Covered CA or other qualified public health insurance. There are various activities and programs coordinated through our department as described below.
Most of our patients are uninsured individuals do not seek medical care due to financial challenges that can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and an increase in healthcare costs.


School Health Outreach Activities
Health Service Advocate(HSA) Team
Educate young adults (men and women) on STD/HIV prevention and accessing treatment in a secure and confidential setting.

Public Health Insurance Enrollment
In collaboration with our health educators, we actively participate in the following school activities to increase health awareness and education among students, parents, and teachers.

CHDP Gateway
Family PACT
Covered CA
FCHC Student Health and Wellness Program Forms
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Health consumers and community partners may contact us below to refer or access our health care services to any of our clinic sites.

Community Health Services Department
2680 S White Road Ste 170
San Jose, CA 95148
Phone: (408)755-3904
New Patient Referrals
Family PACT Enrollment
STD/HIV Referral Appointment
Individual Counselling
Group Presentation
STD/HIV Health Education
Please fill, print and submit to FCHC staff
Parent Health Workshop(i.e. diabetes, oral health, nutrition, drug & alcohol, parenting)
PTA/Student Leadership Group
Student Physical and Nutrition Activities(i.e. Handball Tournament, Sports Physical presentation)
School calendar Activities(i.e. Open House, Student Orientation, Teacher/Staff Meeting, School Rallies)
Community Health Services and Business Development (CHSBD)
Call Us (408) 729-9700
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